Werwel Holdings is a family-owned business that was established in 2016.

Werwel Holdings specializes in producing uniquely designed hand-crafted Retro, Rustic styled cabinets, Antique styled ornamental, functional pieces such as side-table lights and mirrors. Our products carry our ‘trademark’ look and feel, our unique features and accessories, each piece is individually signed and authenticated by our Founder and CEO.

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Craftsmanship/Antique making goods started with Allie Martins in the 1940’s in Graaf-Reinet. As the generation went on, our father continued with the business and decided to register the business in 2016 and named it Werwel Holdings.

The name Werwel comes from the early years whereby at that time a piece of wood with a hole inside was used, which was the only secure thing that could keep doors locked. Today the same piece of wood is being used on the Antique cabinets to keep the items inside the cabinets intact.

Our attention to detail and commitment to superior customer service ensures that customers receive a unique product that complement the existing décor in their homes. We use raw materials that are of the highest quality as well as recycling and upcycling discarded quality items such as chandeliers and other glass and wood products.

Our customers are also looking for a long-term investment when purchasing designer furniture pieces and we therefore ensure that our products are manufactured from the best quality raw materials and accessories so that they remain durable and timeless.

The retail sector has shown a keen interest in our products, particularly in our uniquely designed cabinets. We have supplied several furniture stores in the past, including Tafelberg Furnitures, Boeresjiek, and Gister amongst others, as well as interior designers.

Our mission is to amplify the current wave of recycling and upcycling by implementing new and creative ideas to manufacture unique products with wood furniture, lights and mirrors. Werwel Holdings works closely with customers to ensure distinctive designs and satisfaction.


Edward Frazenburg started working with wood at a young age who followed the footsteps of his father by creating different kinds of wood furniture. Edward has a passion for creating wood furniture. As a Qualified Artisan in Joinery with more than 7 years in the wood industry, Edward is passionate about his work. “Creating furniture with wood is what I enjoy doing.”

“Creating furniture with wood is what I enjoy doing.”
Werwel Owner
edward frazenburg
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